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Hike to Marianne Waterfall…  

Yarra Gorge Exploration


Hike to Madamas Waterfall…


Hike to Paria 2011….


Midweek Hike to Paria…


Hike to Black pool and Rincon Waterfall…


Sobo Falls…


Hike to Rincon…


Hike to Matelot Waterfall…


Habio Falls…




For more information please contact:
Trinidad & Tobago Hike Seekers

Pierre-Felix Drive
Diego Martin
Trinidad & Tobago, W. I.

Laurence Pierre
Tel: (868) 399 1135
Cell: (868) 784 3296
Cell: (868) 758 0368

Hiking Safety, and Snakes
in Trinidad & Tobago

Venomous Pit Vipers of Trinidad
by Laurence (Snakeman) Pierre

Hikeseekers Camping Guide

Hikseekers Hiking Guide

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Additional information can be
obtained from the following officials:
Gregory Persad
796 8289
Calvin ‘Coffee’ Crawford
793 4960
347 0422
Joanne Mike-Ventoure
787 5274
(after 5pm)

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rain-forests of Trinidad and Tobago!