Nature and Ecotourism

Learn more about Nature and Ecotourism in Trinidad.
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Trip Advisor
This US-based portal site is packed with more links, as well as unbiased reviews, articles, recommendations, and opinions on Trinidad and Tobago vacations.
Visit T&T
Trinidad and Tobago ‘comes to life’ on this official site covering all aspects of tourism and business. This link takes you straight to the eco-tourism section.
T&T Field Naturalists Club
Membership in this volunteer, non-profit naturalist club is open to anyone interested in research and scientific investigation. The site contains links to publications (including the club’s Living World Magazine), and information about the club’s activities.
Sea Turtle Conservancy
Hike Seekers is actively involved in conservation through education and eco-conscious hiking practices. Before encountering a sea turtle, learn more from this US-based conservation site, which links to entertaining as well as scientific information, about these fascinating creatures.
Asa Wright Nature Centre
World famous ‘walk-in’ rainforest located on a former plantation. On steep slopes, the impressive rainforest has an upper-story canopy of 100-150 feet, giving the effect is one of being deep in tropical rainforest.
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Discover Trinidad & Tobago
Discover is the definitive visitor’s guide to the Caribbean’s most fascinating destination. This is your one-stop source for everything you need to know on these two islands, and the people who gave the world Caribbean Carnival, the steel pan and calypso. Whether you’ve a first-time visitor, or are a born and bred Trini, there is always so much to discover!
The Trinidad Guide
The comprehensive guide to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. We’ll help you find the information you need to plan the perfect island getaway.
“Members Only” Maxi Taxi service
The official Hikeseekers maxi taxi service, owned and operated by Jesse James, who was awarded with the Seven Seas Cruisers Association ‘Camaraderie Award’ and the Seven Seas South Bound II Award. ‘Members Only’ was also rated by visiting cruisers in The Boaters Enterprise Ltd. Award as being among the Top 5 Businesses in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.

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