Hikeseekers Hike to Black Pool with Nicholas Narine and his Church Group

by Nicholas Narine

After a great first experience at Avocat Marianne it was with no doubt that we had to go on another adventure with Hike Seekers, this time, to Black Pool Basin on Saturday 23rd April, 2011.

The Dinsley Evangelical Bible Church truly enjoyed this amazing experience as Lawrence the one and only Snake Man and his team had in store for us.

They patiently waited for us at the Maracas Pillars to ensure that we were all geared up, then to a next stop at Uncle Sam Bar just to make sure were together again and finally our last stop before our hike at Las Cuevas Road.

Rite!!! All ah we geared up, prayed and we ready to go…..
A journey led by his team is priceless, fun, falls and fellowship…


A good one and a half hours, eating Tancabeen on the way and just having fun
until some members couldn’t go further, so we rested for a while and then got back on track….

We could hear the water but couldn’t see it so we continued to walk…

Wow!!! What a site it was when we finally reached. Some of us couldn’t wait to jump in and take a good bath and for those who couldn’t, they put on their life jackets and hold onto the rope that Lawrence provided.

Well as usual we had to head back….and again a new trail back which was a steep hill but fun none the less…

A great day with great people and of course great guides.
Good Job Hike Seekers!!!