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Our hike leaders have over forty (40) year’s experience in hiking and conducting tours into the rain forest of Trinidad & Tobago. Our Hike Master Laurence Pierre is a member of the Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force for the past thirty-two (32) years, his experience includes holding snakes and other wild animals. He is well trained in handling any situation that that may arise.

A hiking adventure in the rain forest, swimming in the sea, cooling off under a jungle water fall, splashing through a mountain river, visits to remote caves to see the endangered oil birds and a wide variety of forest bats. Witness the ancient ritual of giant Leatherback sea turtle nesting/ hatching on a secluded beach.

Easy walks in natural surroundings; Moderate hikes in the rainforest Strenuous treks through wild country, or very strenuous rugged hiking and overnight camping trips into the mountain rainforest of Trinidad.
We can also provide light refreshments for the day hikes and camping gear for overnight hikes upon request. Since Trinidad has no dangerous animals, hiking is a safe and popular activity. Hiking and camping trips are geared to all from five (5) years upwards

Hiking can be a very strenuous exercise. You are advised to be certain of your medical condition before attempting these hikes. By following the instructions of the leaders during the hikes, you can prevent any injuries to yourself & others. Your leaders are very experience, while they cannot be held responsible for any injury that may occur rest assured that they will put all the necessary precautions in place to avoid any occurrence.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and swimwear with adequate hiking shoes and socks. A change of clothing is advisable.

We are not responsible for transport to and from hikes but it can be provided upon request.

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For more information please contact:
Trinidad & Tobago Hike Seekers

Pierre-Felix Drive
Diego Martin
Trinidad & Tobago, W. I.

Laurence Pierre
Tel: (868) 399 1135
Cell: (868) 784 3296
Cell: (868) 758 0368

Hiking Safety, and Snakes
in Trinidad & Tobago

Venomous Pit Vipers of Trinidad
by Laurence (Snakeman) Pierre

Hikeseekers Camping Guide

Hikseekers Hiking Guide

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Additional information can be
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Gregory Persad
796 8289
Calvin ‘Coffee’ Crawford
793 4960
347 0422
Joanne Mike-Ventoure
787 5274
(after 5pm)

Experience adventure hiking through the
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