Hikeseekers Hike to Angel Falls

by hiker Velma Issaac

To say the sites were unbelievably spectacular does not begin to explain the feeling when one reaches Angel Falls. The brief view of the Las Cuevas beach, Caribbean blue and jet-black butterflies flitting by just within ones reach and the aroma of citrus, pommeracs, and other Caribbean aromas filled the air. Some hikers even took the opportunity to retrieve breadfruit plants and orchids. For those of us who believe, you saw God in his splendor and wonder if there was really a “big bang” that created us all. We are truly blessed to be living in the Caribbean.

Now to get into the details of the trip, I was totally unprepared for the hike to ‘Angel Falls’, but boy was it worth all the falls, rolls and tumbles. I regretted then all my weekly savouries of ‘kiss raison buns’, cookies, cake, chips and the list goes on. I thought I was fit but I was in for a rude awakening. I had not done any form of physical activity in more than a year so I thought it would be great to break away from the routine of work, home, church that had become my life (don’t get me wrong, church is great).

My ex-coworker called me out of the blue inviting me to go on a hike to ‘Angel Falls’ carded for November 06, 2005. She invited me to numerous other hikes that turned down, but something about the word ‘Angel’ attracted me so I immediately went online searching for more information. Apparently other Caribbean islands have their own ‘Angel Falls’ as well as our neighbouring Venezuela.

A mixture of twenty guys and gals set out on the journey that seemed like a piece of cake to most but somewhat arduous for about three of us for one reason or the other. One group went over the mountain whilst my group wined our way upwards and around until we met up at the established meeting point from where it was a more downhill. I struggled from the word go but everyone was real supportive especially the guys whom I did not even know. They stuck with me and encouraged me even when I turned to head for home. I learned the importance of proper breathing and not the shallow way we normally do. Also learned when to take long strides and when not to, conserving energy by keeping my head cool and taking sips of water to avoid dehydration. Thanks to our trusty, animated tour guide ‘Snakeman’ (who actually drank some snake poison before we ventured onto the trail and I prayed, “Oh, Goodness, Gracious, Father, Heaven help us Lord, if a snake should appear please let it begin with him and not me”).

The mood started lightening up when people started slipping, sliding, tumbling and rolling down the mountainside. Then, my turn came. At some points we had to sit and slide on our butts. There were numerous cool springs that tasted so clean and pure I dreaded going back to WASA’s brown soup. On arrival back home I felt like going right back to fill my water bottles with the pure freshness from the various waterfalls dotting the mountainside.

All in all, I would recommend this hike to all nature enthusiasts. It’s worth the effort guys especially if you’re with good company.

Thanks Lynette, next time – maybe.