Health and Safety Guidelines for Hikers

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    • All hikers must confirm that they understand the hike and all the safety precautions that are associated with it.
    • All hikers must sign the registration and disclaimer forms.
    • All hikers must understand that they would be hiking at their own risk and that any loss of property, life and or injury is not the responsibility of Hike Seekers or its personnel although we will take all necessary precautions to avoid such.
    • All hikers must follow all instructions given.
    • All hikers must ensure that they can properly don all demonstrated safety devices provided.
    • All hikers must stay within eyesight of their leader or hikers in front of them. If by some chance they become separated they should stay at that location for the next group.
    • If a hiker is uncomfortable with the safety device or a particular event he or she should make the leaders aware.
    • Please do not be a hero.
    • Please do not encourage other hikers to disobey the leaders’ judgment. If unsure, remain in place for the advice of the hike master or another leader/experienced hiker.
    • Hikers must walk with just what is necessary or as indicated by the hike master.
    • Hikers must please ensure they maintain a clean and healthy environment.
    • Hikers must remember that their own safety responsibility firstly lies with themselves.
    • Each hiker should have at least the following equipment in a properly fitted backpack: Lighter, Flashlight, length of rope (10 feet), life jacket and ration. Also they should wear propper footware (sneakers or hiking boots), long track pants, and carry a spare change of clothing.



The snakes you may encounter at some time or the other may be dangerous. Do not try to handle them unless you know the species you are dealing with and are familiar with snakes.
If someone is bitten and you are able to assist, don’t panic, you must keep calm. You must reassure the victim that you are able to help and they will live. Try to keep the victim from panicking.
In your efforts, try to determine if the offender was a venomous snake – it very well may not have been.
If it was a venomous snake, immobilize the victim and carry him or her to the nearest medical facility for treatment.
Should you determine that the offender was not venomous, the victim should still be taken to the nearest medical facility.
Never slice into the victims flesh, lacerations by untrained people can sever nerves or major blood vessels. The victim can lose limbs, fingers or toes, only to find out it was a non venomous snakebite.

Do not attempt to suck out the venom with your mouth, venom can enter the blood by ways of cuts in the mouth or holes in the teeth.

* Transport victim to nearest Medical Facility.
* Do Not Delay Evacuation!

The following safety precautions could lessen the chances of one being bitten or stung by venomous creatures:
* Wear proper foot-wear and appropriate clothing.
* Do not wander off or go hiking in the forest alone; look for company.
* Do not try to corner or surprise a snake.
* Do not play with venomous snakes or insects.
* Pay attention to where you put your hands and feet.
* Do not put your hands into holes in the ground or into logs and tree trunks.
* Do Not Delay Evacuation!

Snakes fear people just as much as people fear snakes;
they would run away if given the opportunity.



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Hiking Safety, and Snakes
in Trinidad & Tobago

Venomous Pit Vipers of Trinidad
by Laurence (Snakeman) Pierre

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