Hikeseekers Hike to Angle Falls

by hiker Claire Watson (Oct 2003)

Dear Hikeseekers,

On Sunday 6th October you missed a wonderful experience. Our Guides took us to Angle Falls via the Las Cuevas Road. My friend Sandra, my sister Susan and I are still suffering the consequences of that adventure. It was long and painful but beautiful.

It took us 31/2 hours to get there and 3 hours to get back. It was about 14 miles altogether. The trail was a steady and tough uphill climb through the forest. Some parts were not so clear since the rains had left a trail of fallen trees across some of the tracks.

It was a very hot morning and that made the climb all the more gruelling. Just when some of us were on the verge of passing out we discovered some welcoming little streams of fresh cool water flowing out of the bushes.

The cold fresh water saved the day.

At times I felt as though I could not breathe but with some advise from our able guide Lauerence or Snakeman, I was able to forge ahead-proper breathing exercises really help and bending down really makes you feel light headed.

An old rusty cross marked the end of the uphill climb. The story behind this cross, which stood alone in the midst of the forest, is that and old Baptist woman who lived there and who practised what we call “obeah” died
and was buried there. One wonders if anyone came to that funeral. From this point we could have seen a beautiful view of Las Cuevas beach.

The forest was lush and green; there were beautiful birds and butterflies. We managed to get a clear view of a ‘bell’ bird doing his mating dance. He was a fairly large bird, black and white in colour.

We finally arrived at the waterfall and we were so exhausted that we went in fully clothed, happy to soak our aching bones in the ice-cold water. This was clearly the best part of the hike. We were able to climb up to the heaviest part of the falls with the help of a rope. It was a truly memorable experience. The powerful gush of water massaged every part of our aching bodies as no masseur could and one of our hikers described the experience as orgasmic. Well I must admit that it was an apt description.

Sadly it was time to trek back out of the forest. Our guides took another route saying that it was shorter but it was another up hill climb all the way. When we finally got to the village we had to now descend. There was a paved road leading to the flat. This road was a sheer downhill climb, which I thought was just as difficult. I had to take it really slowly and found all the guides waiting patiently or not so patiently for my sister and me at the bottom.

What a day all I could think of was a soak in a tub and bed. Our day did not end so ordinarily though for when we got back to the place where we had parked our cars we got a very pleasant surprise. The kind gentleman who allowed us to park in his yard had a huge pot of paleau and some deliciously cold lemon juice waiting for us. What a great way to end a great day.

Thanks Snake for another memorable experience. Trinidad is a truly
beautiful place and thank you for showing it to us in all its glory.

See you all at the next hike.