Hikeseekers Hike to El Tucuche

by hiker Carrie

I wanted to thank you for a hike I will remember forever! The other Canadian student teachers that I am here in Trinidad with were soooooo envious. I especially enjoyed: the eel near the river at the start of the hike, ripe cocoa pods, fallen ripe avocados, the red coffee beans, the immortelle trees, the silvery green mosses, the cool springs where we refilled our bottles, the view from the top, the rope down the steep descent, the cedar trees, the termites that you showed me smell like carrots when crushed (and was disappointed I didn’t eat any!). The views of the hills to the west and south, and the views of Maracas Beach and Las Cuevas Beach were spectacular.

I am glad I had the chance to meet you and the others – a very interesting and diverse group.

I want to thank you for the safe, organized, and friendly way that you and the other professionals conducted this hike. I’d say more than 30 of us went, some of us very green. It was an 8 hour hike with strenuous parts that tested us (and a relationship or two)!!! you gave me several insights into Trinis and the bush, and alot of laughs.

I still want a T-shirt.