Hikeseekers Hike to Rincon Warerfall

by hiker David White

When our guide unexpectedly cancelled on us two days before our much anticipated hike to Rincon Waterfall in April , we were to say the least, distressed, but to quote an old saying, “When one door closes, another opens”. This turned out to be much more than an opened door.
We contacted Laurence “Snake” Pierre via his Web Site Hikeseekers.com and he arrived at our meeting point ahead of schedule, waiting patiently until we were finally ready to go. This was only the first sign of his professionalism. It was then that he called us together for a few photographs and took the opportunity to introduce us to his team which included a nurse. As it was our first time meeting him, he gave a short lecture on safety in the bush as well as what precautions we should take.

As I later realized, while he waited for us to assemble, he was also assessing the group so as to choose a route which was appropriate for all as we ranged in age from five to fifty five, and some members had come no closer to a gym than viewing fitness ads on cable. His friendships with the residents of the village through which we passed made us confident that we were in the hands of someone who knew the area and the people. We felt safe. As we progressed along the trail, he was in constant wireless contact with the members of his team ensuring our safety at all times. He would often stop to point out various wild fruit and invite us to taste. We were lead to two of the most breath taking and unspoiled pools of crystal clear water I have ever encountered. The purity and taste of which would be the envy of any bottled water manufacturer.

After this invigorating and educational experience, “Snake” shared a meal with us at Las Cuevas beach. From website to safety, medical attendant, provision of secure parking, knowledge of terrain flora and fauna, and just good liming, “Snake” and hike seekers certainly proved themselves second to none.

David White
Pereira and Company Ltd.