Hikeseekers Hike to Yarra River

by hiker Zenobia

The morning of the 6th March 2005 started off with an adrenaline rush. It was 6:00a.m. and our transport was already waiting since we were supposed to be at Maraval for 7:00a.m. Without a choice we hustled, gobbled down our first cup of tea and grabbed our bags as we pushed ourselves through the front gates hoping that our one hour drive turn into half an hour to meet Snake and the others.A group of twenty (20) inexperienced hikers from Claxton Bay decided to put our strength and curiosity to the test. As the long hand approached the big seven, a desperate call was made to Snake begging him not to leave us. Thankfully, he waited – we reached fifteen minutes later.

Snake our guide along with several others made our hiking adventure one to remember. We were comfortable and we were safe, despite the Indiana Jones scenes – like rappelling down a steep hill, swimming down a gorge, hiking up steep slopes that seem never-ending and walking through a cold river for endless hours. Yep! It was all worth it – every bone in your body would have rejoiced from the serenity and peacefulness that enveloped the mountains and the trail that led to this river. Surely, this was real therapy for one’s mind, body and soul.

At the end we were soaked, we were cold, we were aching but strangely, refreshed and re-energized to face the concrete jungle.

As we walked down stream following the river course, it was indeed a moment not to forget – it was an experience which brought us all close that matters of worldly interest were non-existent. How to reach out for help when you need it, especially to cross the deep pools, how to assist with someone’s bag, how to share a fruit or a drink with a stranger and laugh until you cry when someone falls on their butt but help them stand again on their feet at the same time would remain life’s lessons learnt during our trek up and around Yarra River.

Days and weeks have passed but we still replay the scenes over and over in our minds – it was truly DE BEST!!

Oh, and a few of us would be shopping around for new sneakers while the rest would be joining the gym and swimming classes – so lookout Hike Seekers we are coming back with full force.

Avid Hikers,
Zenobia and rest at Claxton Bay (Zobida, Fariyah, Melissa, Shazeeda, Shireen, Ada, Amar, Kumar, Judy, Rehanna, Farrah, Leila, Judy, Nirmal, Lall and friends)